Sumo wrestler unable to stand after vicious forearm

A Sumo wrestler in Japan scored one of the quickest victories you'll ever see thanks to a brutal forearm to his opponent's face.

145kg behemoth Musashikuni Mamu took on 110kg wrestler Tomisakae Ryutaro, and he didn't even need to use his distinct weight advantage to devastate his opponent.

Instead, Mamu hit the smaller man with a vicious UFC-like shot in the opening seconds of the bout that he never recovered from.

The shot from Mamu that ended the bout in seconds. Pic: Sumo Channel

Known as 'kachiage,' the technique is often used in sumo wrestling to unsettle your opponent's stance by using bent arms to land powerful thrusts on their chin and upper torso.

And Mamu used it to stunning effect as both fighters charged towards one another at the start of the the bout.

Ryutaro was unable to get back to his feet. Pic: Sumo Channel

Ryutaro went down like a sack of potatoes and was left in a dazed mess as he continually tried to get to his feet, only to topple right back over.

Down for the count. Pic: Sumo Channel

Finally, officials declared an end to the fight as they rushed in and attended to the groggy Ryutaro, who lay sprawled on his back on the edge of the ring.