Vunivalu in hot water over bizarre brain fade

Storm winger Suliasi Vunivalu was put on report against the Roosters after a truly inexplicable series of events.

Vunivalu fielded a kick on Saturday night and then attempted to hurdle two Roosters players, but landed on them with his knees raised isntead.

The Fijian flyer gave away a penalty and allowed the Roosters to get back into the game with a levelling try, leaving commentators stunned in the process.

"I have never seen anything like that," one said.

Even Melbourne coach Craig Bellamy was left scratching his head, certain he didn't want to see it again.

"I'm not quite sure what Suli was trying to do there, probably ask Suli, it was probably a bit of a brain fade," Bellamy said.

"It was a pretty big play in the game to be quite honest, I think they scored on the end of that penalty so hopefully he learns a lesson and he doesn't do it again."

Bellamy said because Vunivalu didn't actually hit any players with his knee it wasn't deserving of more than a penalty.

What was he thinking? Image: Fox Sports

"Because I don't think he actually hit anyone so I'm not quite sure what the charge is.

"I agree it's a penalty, without a doubt but I don't know what they're going to charge him with so if he does get charged we'll have a look at it then.

"I think they're probably scratching their heads at home at the moment wondering what it was."

Roosters coach Trent Robinson was equally puzzled but said it shouldn't be part of the game.

"How do you comment on that? You just haven't seen it in the game before, what do you make of it," Robinson said.

"It was something that you shouldn't see in rugby league."

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