'Such a poor sport': Green slams Mundine's protest

Danny Green has hit back after it emerged that Anthony Mundine has lodged a protest over his points-decision loss last Friday.

Green, who was announced the victor after the spiteful contest, labelled his opponent a "poor sport" on Perth radio station Mix 94.5.

"All it is is an appeal, it doesn’t mean anything’s going to happen," Green said.

"I expect nothing less from such a poor sport.

"He showed disgraceful sportsmanship in the ring and I expect nothing less from someone of his character — his poor character — after the fight."

Green isn't a happy man. Pic: Getty

Green also referenced the illegal hit he took from Mundine in the first round of the bout, suggesting he could have continued dominating if it wasn't for the effects he felt from the bow.

"I’m just disappointed not to carry it out how I felt for the first 30-45 seconds. I felt very confident he was s****ing himself — you could see the look in his eyes," Green said.

"I hit him with a couple of clean shots, I felt sharp early, then he threw that dog shot and it just changed the game.

"It was just a disgraceful foul, it was incredible that he did it."

Mundine's protest with the Australian National Boxing Federation is questioning several key areas of the fight, including scoring, bias among judges and penalties imposed on Mundine throughout the fight.

If the appeal is upheld, he could have the result changed to a 'no contest'.

Mundine's camp is also disputing why the official scorecard was leaked on social media before it was signed and verified.

They are also alleging that the referee, Frank Garza, used incorrect procedure to call "break" when commanding the fighters to stop in the first round.