'Horrible': Student photographer KO'd on sideline at College football

A photographer was knocked unconscious after a collision with Georgia running back Brian Herrien during Saturday’s game at Auburn.

A woman, identified as a student photographer from Georgia by CBS, was on the Georgia sideline near an end zone shooting the game when Herrien was chased out of bounds on a swing pass.

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As he went out of bounds he hit her as she was holding her camera and she went flying backwards.

CBS sideline reporter Jamie Erdahl reported that the woman, an intern for the Georgia athletic department, was still unconscious as medical personnel started to tend to her.

Running back Brian Herrien ran into a student photographer at an Auburn College Football match. Images: AP/Social Media)

She was awake and conscious, however, as she was transported off the field on a stretcher with a brace around her head and neck and taken to East Alabama Medical Center.

Erdahl also said that Georgia coach Kirby Smart told her Herrien was visibly upset about what happened to the photographer in the locker room and that Herrien and QB Jake Fromm said a prayer for her.

The game was delayed while the woman was attended to. After it resumed, No. 4 Georgia scored to take a 14-0 lead into halftime over the No. 12 Tigers and ended up winning the game 21-14.