Streaker runs amok at Phoenix Open golf

It wasn't just the golf that entertained the crowds during practice for the Phoenix Open on Thursday.

One male patron looked like he had a few too many drinks before making the decision to strip off and streak on the 17th hole.

The gentleman took a few practice swings, played in the sand in a greenside bunker, before whipping out some pretty impressive dance moves - all while completely naked.

The 17th at the Phoenix Open. Image: Getty

He reportedly spent a good three minutes on the course before being removed by security.

"It was the most surprising thing of all that it took security that long," spectator Seth Norris told local news stations.

"By that time he was just sitting down and tired from all the running around and falling down."

Image: Twitter

Streaking certainly has been a theme this week, with two other instances from the sporting world.

A female streaker put on a hilarious display in the parade ring at the Karaka Yearling Sale in New Zealand on Wednesday.

When the Book 1 session had wrapped up, the woman jumped into the parade ring, stripped off and ran amok, even busting out a brilliant cartwheel.

And a sellout crowd at the first official sporting event at Perth's new $1.5 billion Optus Stadium witnessed its first streaker moment on Sunday.

The man jogged around and soaked up the atmosphere before being tackled by a security guard during the fifth ODI between Australia and England.