'Uneducated, goose': Radio hosts in ugly on-air spat over women's footy

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

Steve Price has caused a stir on Triple M Radio after claiming the money invested into the AFLW is “ridiculous”.

Price was talking with Collingwood Club President Eddie McGuire and former Western Bulldogs star Luke Darcy when the investment into the AFLW became a heated topic.

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While the AFLW has expanded to 14 teams and is drawing bigger crowds than in 2017, Price said on the ‘Hot Breakfast’ the money invested into the game is “ridiculous”.

“I was talking to a (Richmond) club official at the ground on Sunday … they reckon it’s going to cost them $1 million for the four games. Is that a good spend?” Price asked.

Eddie McGuire (pictured left) and Steve Price (pictured right) argued on air about the AFLW. (Images: Triple M)

“I wouldn’t cross the road to watch it.”

He then asked McGuire: “Governments are shaming you into supporting women’s football so that you can get infrastructure built?”

“I love female sport, but the amount of money we’re ploughing into this is ridiculous.”

McGuire hits back

But Price’s view didn’t sit well with McGuire who claimed the AFLW has helped Collingwood’s membership and is taking the game to new heights.

“You’ve got to expand your mind on these things,” McGuire said.

“So many young girls are getting into the game … they all watch the TV.

“I go watch the women’s footy whenever I can, and if I can’t, I watch it on the TV.

“Yes, we have invested probably $1 million here at Collingwood, and we are a mile in front because of our women’s program.

“It has absolutely made football so much money in the last three years. Seriously, you would not know how much money it has helped.

“It’s going to be an absolute revolution for our game — it’s the next stage.

Luke Darcy of the All Stars puts on his gloves during the 2017 EJ Whitten Legends Game between Victoria and the All Stars at Etihad Stadium on September 1, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. The match is held to celebrate the life of the legendary Ted Whitten and raise awareness for prostate cancer. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Media/Getty Images)

“Women are not being carried along by the AFL. Quite the opposite. They are propelling this game to new heights.”

Darcy fires back at Price

Former AFL star Darcy then challenged Price to go watch and U13 girls game to see the impact it is having.

“You’ve got to provide a pathway. You’ve got the build these things over time,” Darcy said.

“You need to get down and watch an U13 girls game — it’s as pure a sport as you will see.

“We’re building something special.”

Price then challenged McGuire to open the debate up to the listeners.

“If you threw the lines open now, more people would support my view on women’s football,” Price said.

But Luke Darcy said: “Because they need to be uneducated, like you”.

One caller expressed his passion for the AFLW and hit out at Price.

“It’s got to start somewhere, people will catch on,” the listener said.

“You know what, you are a goose.”