Stevie J kicks seemingly impossible goal at GWS training

GWS Giants veteran Steve Johnson has managed to kick an insane banana goal on the training paddock.

The Giants tweeted the video on Wednesday, showing Johnson standing well beyond the boundary line behind the goals before unleashing with a big banana.

The ball disappears from view before somehow curling around the front of the goals and straight through for a major.

How? Image: GWS Giants/Twitter
How? Image: GWS Giants/Twitter

Either Stevie J is a wizard or there was a very strong breeze blowing that day because it appears impossible.

With such ridiculous skills in their ranks, it's easy to see why the AFL's club captains have overwhelmingly backed Greater Western Sydney as likely grand finalists in 2017.

All but four of 18 surveyed in the AFL's annual captains poll on Thursday believed the Giants will reach the decider, with Adelaide, Sydney, West Coast and defending premiers Western Bulldogs receiving a vote each.

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