Stefanos Tsitsipas' father under fire over actions after Australian Open final

The Greek star's father is copping it around the tennis world over his 'disrespectful' act.

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Stefanos Tsitsipas' father, pictured here after the Australian Open final.
Stefanos Tsitsipas' father has come under fire over his actions after the Australian Open final. Image: Getty/Channel 9

Stefanos Tsitsipas' father has drawn criticism for his actions in the post-match ceremony after the Australian Open final, with fans noticing he wasn't standing with the rest of his son's team. Tsitsipas won widespread praise for his classy and gracious runner-up speech in which he paid tribute to Novak Djokovic despite being thrashed in straight sets.

However the same can't be said for Tsitsipas' father and coach Apostolos, who remained seated while the rest of his box stood for the Greek star during his speech. Coaches and staff traditionally stand while the players deliver their post-match speeches after a final, but for some reason Apostolos remained in his seat.

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Apostolos also wasn't standing during Djokovic's victory speech in which the Serbian star heaped praise on Tsitsipas and his family. A number of tennis fans and commentators took aim at Tsitsipas Sr, with many labelling his actions 'disrespectful'.

Journalist Yasmin Syed wrote on Twitter: "In my personal opinion it's really really not nice that Tsitsipas' dad isn't standing up or clapping during his son's speech and this overall trophy ceremony. Show some respect."

Aussie journalist Claire Connelly tweeted: "Christ. Djokovic is complimenting his family and even still, he can’t bring himself to stand. It’s not on. It’s just not tennis."

Stefanos Tsitsipas' classy tribute to Novak Djokovic

Speaking in his post-match speech, Tsitsipas declared Djokovic "the greatest that has ever held a tennis racquet for sure." The Greek star paid tribute to Djokovic for all he was done in the sport.

"It speaks for yourself what you have achieved so far," the World No.3 said. "It's all in the numbers. Congratulations. Not only to yourself but to having, like, such supportive family.

"You know, I think it's very similar the way we grew up around tennis, so it's been an unbelievable journey for you so I admire what you have done for our sport. I think you make me a better player when I am on the court, so thank you.

"I've had the privilege to play a lot of difficult, high- intensity matches but I would like to say one more time Novak brings the best out in me they've been working my whole life for. He's the one of the greatest in our sport and I think - he's the greatest that has ever held a tennis racquet for sure.

"I haven't done this but I'd like to thank you for pushing our sport so far. I think it deserves a player like you that pushes everyone, every single player, every single individual that's involved in the sport to the max."

Stefanos Tsitsipas' father Apostolos, pictured here during the Australian Open final.
Stefanos Tsitsipas' father Apostolos looks on during the Australian Open final. (Photo by MARTIN KEEP/AFP via Getty Images)

Tsitsipas' 6-3 7-6 (7-4) 7-6 (7-5) loss was his latest heartbreak at the hands of Djokovic. He famously the 2021 French Open final to the Serbian superstar after leading by two sets.

Tsitsipas has now lost 10 matches in a row against Djokovic, with the 22-time major winner showing the 'Next Gen' of tennis still has a long way to go. "It's not easy. Another final at a grand slam, but I'm always willing to go back on court and work harder," Tsitsipas said.

Despite inflicting more pain on his young rival, Djokovic predicted Tsitsipas will eventually break through for a grand slam title. "He's knocking on the door of grand slam title and I told him that he is going to win it, it's just a matter of time," Djokovic said. "I know that Rafa and myself will make sure that the young guys don't take too many slams for a little while, but it's inevitable."

Djokovic's 22nd grand slam title takes him equal with Rafa Nadal for the men's all-time record. It also means he will return to World No.1 when the rankings are next updated.

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