'Faster than Usain Bolt': Buffalo racer stuns fans with insane feat

India may have unearthed the next Usain Bolt, with incredible vision emerging of a construction worker's extraordinary feat.

Srinivasa Gowda stunned viewers after amazing video showed him clocking a time over 100 metres that is faster than Usain Bolt's world record of 9.58 seconds.

There was one (well two actually) big catch though; Gowda's extraordinary time of 9.55 seconds over the 100m was assisted by two massive buffaloes.

The astonishing scenes were part of a Kambala competition - an ancient, traditional buffalo race in muddy or slushy paddy fields of coastal regions of Karnataka.

Srinivasa Gowda set an incredible new record in his local Kambala competition. Pic: ANI

Holding a rope that's attached to two huge buffaloes, the runners race next to the animals down the muddy track, aiming to go as fast as possible without coming unstuck.

Gowda set the new record as the fastest runner in the history of the traditional sport as he covered 145 metres in 13.62 seconds at the Kambala competition.

However, it was the time in which he managed to run the first 100m of the race that has grabbed the world's attention.

Gowda's incredible performance has not gone unnoticed in his homeland, where the runner has been called up for trials by India's Sports Ministry, SAI.

"Yes @PMuralidharRao ji. Officials from SAI have contacted him. His rail ticket is done and he will reach SAI centre on Monday,” Union Minister Kiren Rijiu confirmed.

Gowda earns attention of India’s top sports department

"I will ensure top national coaches to conduct his trials properly.

"We are team @narendramodi ji and will do everything to identify sporting talents."

"There's lack of knowledge in masses about the standards of Olympics especially in athletics where ultimate human strength & endurance are surpassed.

"I'll ensure that no talents in India is left out untested.”