Spine-tingling vision emerges of epic mass Haka showdown

Amazing footage has emerged out of New Zealand that captures an epic mass Haka showdown between rival schools.

The spine-tingling scenes provided a gripping curtain-raiser to the annual clash between King’s College Auckland and Auckland Grammar School.

The passion from the two sets of school kids is laid bare for all to see as ferocious stares are exchanged between the students.

Never mind the physical confrontation that was moments away from taking place on the field, the psychological battle beforehand was something truly remarkable to behold.

Rival Auckland schools wage an epic Haka battle against one another. Pic: Sky Sports

Dozens of students marshalled by a solitary conductor were lined up in formation, chanting in unison in a ferociously choreographed display of intimidation.

Both schools took turns to assert their superiority over the other, with both delivering chilling renditions of the Haka that even the All Blacks would have been proud of.

The Haka showdown – which you can see in the video at the top of the page – set the scene perfectly for the 206th first XI meeting between the schools.