Snooker legend shocks fans with 'never-before-seen' shot

Ronnie O’Sullivan has left fans stunned with one of the worst shots of his storied career.

The snooker legend was playing in the Northern Ireland Open on Thursday when the bizarre moment occurred.

At 1-1 in his match against Mei Xiwen, O’Sullivan was attempting one of the most straightforward shots in the sport (the break) when it all went wrong.

The five-time world champion was trying to kiss the pack of red balls and have the cue ball settle on the top cushion, as is customary for the break.

Seemingly straightforward. Image: Eurosport

However he inexplicably sent his break straight into the blue ball in the centre of the table, earning a five-point penalty.

“What on earth happened there?” one commentator asked.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

“We are used to see the blue being hit on the way back from the red, but not on the way down!

“He was playing off a different side of the pack.”

Ronnie could only laugh. Image: Eurosport

O’Sullivan could only laugh as he took his seat to wait for his next shot, with the referee forced to ask members of the crowd to also stop laughing.

Luckily for O’Sullivan the mishap didn’t cost him, going on to win 4-1.

But fans and commentators couldn’t believe what they’d seen.