Simon Goodwin in candid awards message amid Clayton Oliver fiasco

The Clayton Oliver drama has been the talk of the AFL world this week.

Simon Goodwin reacts and Clayton Oliver disappointed.

Head coach Simon Goodwin has made the point the Demons won't compromise on team culture at the club's end of season awards night in a message following the Clayton Oliver drama. Oliver has been the talk of the AFL world this week with the 26-year-old the centre of transer speculation, despite holding a seven-year deal with the Demons.

Oliver met with club officials this week and was reportedly told to "shape up or ship off". The Demons are keen to keep their gun midfielder, but want to see some changes in his behaviour.

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Sam Edmund of SEN reported this week: "They have made a series of demands to Oliver that include the need to treat club staff with respect, teammates with respect, prepare the way he should and to turn up to training in the proper condition."

"It can be revealed that Melbourne’s reluctance to squash the frenzied trade talk surrounding the 26-year-old is exclusively due to its exasperation with Oliver’s increasingly erratic behaviour."

Amid the drama, Max Gawn and wife Jessica reportedly opened their door to Oliver during the tough times. On Friday, the club released a statement confirming Oliver would remain at the club.

And in a pointed message, Goodwin appeared to take a hard line stance after claiming the club would be 'uncompromising' in their dedication to creating a team environment. “One thing that has enabled us to keep showing up is our culture,” Goodwin said.

“A culture that has been built over a period of time and is the piece that we will be uncompromising in maintaining and building further to achieve the ultimate success." Goodwin then elaborated on the team environment and said every player needs to be on board.

“Everyone...needs to be heading in the same direction. As we head into the off-season, I’ve never been more confident that we can achieve this as a club.”

Simon Goodwin reacts.
Simon Goodwin (pictured) has demanded all the players buy into the team culture at the Demons' end of season awards night. (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images) (Dylan Burns/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Clayton Oliver staying put at Melbourne Demons

The Demons released a statement on Friday saying Oliver would remain at the club in 2024. “I would like to address recent media speculation that the Melbourne Football Club is exploring a trade for Clayton Oliver,” Demons CEO Gary Pert said in the statement.

“Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that we understand the frustration among members and supporters when our players are discussed in the media as potential trade targets. At no stage has the club entered discussions with any club regarding a trade for Clayton. Furthermore, Clayton has not requested a trade and will remain at the Melbourne Football Club.

Clayton Oliver trains.
Clayton Oliver (pictured) will be staying put at the Melbourne Demons. (Photo by Michael Willson/AFL Photos via Getty Images) (Michael Willson/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

“The club has been aware of and supporting Clayton with his personal circumstances for some time and is committed to continuing to do so. While club leaders focus on the care and support Clayton needs, we also have a responsibility to uphold our strong club culture for the benefit of all our players and staff.

"We have a responsibility to ensure that everyone within the club is committed to meeting the expected behavioural standards of a player within an AFL high performance environment. Clayton understands what is expected of him as a professional athlete, as well as the standards and behaviours a Melbourne person is expected to uphold."

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