Sideline reporter's response to painful mishap goes viral

A female NFL reporter has gone viral after she suffered a painful reminder of the perils of live TV.

NFL Network’s Melissa Stark was sideline reporter for the Chargers v Titans game in London on Sunday (local time).

She was doing a live cross with the rest of the crew back in the studio before the game when disaster struck.

Stark was sconned in the back of the head by a stray football that had been thrown by a player warming-up.

Melissa Stark. what a trooper. Image: NFL

But her response to the painful mishap sent fans wild.

Like a true professional, Stark ploughed on like nothing happened, only referencing the falcon after her cross had finished.

Her colleagues immediately commended her poise and composure, as did fans on social media.

“Hurts more every time I watch it….literally NEVER happened in 20 years covering NFL …London, I’ll never forget you!!” Stark wrote on Twitter afterwards.