Shocking blindside hit causes NFL rules uproar

Another horrible blindside hit has cast a shadow over another round of NFL action.

This time, Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis was the aggressor, just two weeks after an eerily similar shot by Pittsburgh Steelers youngster JuJu Smith-Schuster.

In yet another incident to cast a spotlight on the NFL concussion problem, Davis whacked Davante Adams out of nowhere, forcing the Green Bay Packers receiver to be taken from the field for medical attention.

Davis wasn't ejected for the hit, but will likely pick up a suspension.

Unfortunately for Adams, it's the second time this season he's been knocked out by an illegal hit.

It was an eerily similar block to that of Shuster, who was suspended for a week following a brutal off-the-ball hit on Vontaze Burfict.

Sadly, Shuster dug his hole deeper on Monday (AEDT) by mimicking his celebration to the illegal block, that left his opponent with a severe concussion.

The shocking hits have left NFL fans calling for a rule change, with serious concerns over the health of players who fall victim to them.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski also landed himself in hot water a few weeks ago after a WWE style hit on a defenceless opponent.