Serena Williams' husband takes another shot at Aussie cartoon

Alexis Ohanian is still fuming about the Herald Sun’s depiction of wife Serena Williams.

On Tuesday, Ohanian hit out at the ‘bulls*** double standard’ surrounding the reaction to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations, compared to Serena’s US Open meltdown.

Ohanian responded to a tweet from Deborah Barros, a candidate for Alabama State Senate, who compared the backlash to Serena’s emotional outburst with the reaction to Kavanaugh’s recent fiery testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Funny how a black female tennis player is held to a higher standard to keep her emotions in check than a Supreme Court nominee,” Barros wrote, to which Ohanian responded, “It’s not funny, it’s bulls**t.”

Ohanian went on a Twitter rampage again. Image: Twitter

“Beta Brett: + Played the “father card” + Cried & screamed + Insulted everyone’s intelligence with lies about the definitions of phrases anyone with Google could debunk + Argued hysterically with sitting Senators, even going so far as to threaten them,” Ohanian continued.

Ohanian also referenced the Herald Sun’s controversial cartoon, which many deemed racist, calling out editor Damon Johnston in the process.

Serena’s husband took aim at the Herald Sun’s controversial cartoon again. Image: Getty/Twitter

“If you’re going to be a Supreme Court Justice — a job that requires maintaining sober judgement — it shouldn’t matter what questions you have to answer in your job interview, you keep it together,” the Reddit co-founder tweeted.

“I look forward to the cartoon @damonheraldsun puts on the front page about it.”

And it’s not the first time he’s weighed in

This marks the fourth time Ohanian has taken to social media to air his grievances over the US Open drama.

After initially slamming the cartoon when it was published, Ohanian then called out the New York Times over ‘misleading’ stats that purportedly smashed Serena’s claims of sexism, before also dragging Roger Federer into the mess.

Ohanian retweeted a post highlighting how Federer had swore at a chair umpire at the 2009 US Open.

“Genuine question: How did that turn out for him?” Ohanian wrote, appearing to question why Federer hadn’t been given a code violation like Serena.

Ohanian’s tweet about Federer.

However fans were quick to slam him, pointing out that Federer did in fact receive an audible obscenity warning and a fine for the outburst.