Radradra kicks opponent in privates after cheap shot

NRL export Semi Radradra was involved in a bizarre exchange with Agen forward Ricky Januarie during Toulon's Top 14 loss on the weekend.

Toulon were leading 7-3 in the 12th minute when Radradra took a tap to restart play deep inside their own half.

But as he watched his pass float to a teammate, Radradra was flattened by Agen's Januarie with a hard elbow to the kidneys.

While the camera followed the ball being kicked into touch, the crowd reacted with jeers and one of the French commentators began laughing.

Radradra and Januarie were rolling around on the floor just metres apart before a replay explained the situation.

The hilarious and painful aftermath. Pic: Canal

The South African's ugly hit to Radradra took the Fijian by surprise, sending him to the ground with a bit of whiplash and pain.

As Januarie remonstrated with his opponent, however, Radradra took him by surprise with a quick jab of the right foot to his opponent's privates.

Januarie was still recovering from the hit -- and the commentators were still laughing -- by the time he was up and waiting to talk to the referee.

The commentators couldn't help but laugh. Pic: Canal

The players shook hands and it is believed the incidents cancelled out penalties for each other.

All's well that ends well. Pic: Canal

Agen scored a try a few minutes later and went on to secure a 26-24 victory.