Selwyn Cobbo blasts 'grub' Jarome Luai in explosive new comments

The Brisbane Broncos winger has called out his rival over an ugly incident in State of Origin last year.

Selwyn Cobbo and Jarome Luai, pictured here in the NRL.
Selwyn Cobbo has taken aim at Jarome Luai over an ugly incident in State of Origin. Image: Getty

Selwyn Cobbo has labelled Jarome Luai a 'grub', reigniting the furore surrounding an ugly incident in State of Origin last year. Luai came under heavy fire when he taunted a concussed Cobbo while he was lying on the ground following a sickening knock early the 2022 series decider.

Cobbo was knocked out of the game after a heavy collision with Matt Burton saw him lying on his back and in a world of hurt. Luai then stood over Cobbo and offered some choice words to the Queensland winger before Maroons players took exception to the ugly act and shoved Luai away.

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Luai later claimed he didn't know Cobbo was concussed and said he didn't have anything to apologise. And Cobbo clearly hasn't forgiven the Penrith Panthers five eighth.

Jarome Luai, pictured here taunting Selwyn Cobbo while he was heavily concussed.
Jarome Luai taunted Selwyn Cobbo while he was heavily concussed. Image: Getty/Channel 9

Speaking on the 'Back of the 135' podcast recently, the Brisbane Broncos winger said: “I don’t know why he did that. He’s just a grub.

“It was pretty disappointing. It was in Brissie so all my family was there too.

“Two minutes in, I get knocked out. I was pretty upset in the sheds when the doctor said I couldn’t go back on. Luai is a grub.”

Jarome Luai defends actions towards Selwyn Cobbo

Speaking after the game, Luai said: "I actually didn't know he was knocked out. But that's Origin, heat of the moment stuff and we play with a lot of passion.

"I spoke to him after the game and he was all good, so it was good to see that. I don't think I have anything to apologise for, there wasn't any harm, and I didn't touch him."

When asked how it felt to be labelled a 'grub' by fans and commentators, Luai said he took it with a grain of salt. "They've always called me that," he said. "As the fans of the sport, they need to take into consideration that they're not out there on the field."

Queensland forward Tino Fa'asuamaleaui later admitted he wanted to take retribution on Luai. "I felt like running on ... I was on the bench at the time and I was so angry about it," he told AAP. "That's football, that's State of Origin, it's a tough game and it's always like that."

Jacob Shields of the ABC tweeted at the time: “Unfortunate start to Origin, but that was disgusting from Jerome Luai to stand over Cobbo flexing after he’s out cold on the ground clearly knocked out. Could have been seriously injured and he’s flexing over him being all tough?? Very grubby, gross stuff.”

Others labelled Luai's actions 'disgraceful' and 'pathetic'.

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