Seahawks punter pulls off bizarre double punt to escape disaster: 'Two kicks for the price of one'

Is it possible punter Michael Dickson is the most clutch player on the Seattle Seahawks and we never realized it? Dickson showed elite smarts under pressure Thursday, pulling off a bizarre double punt to save the Seahawks from a potential disaster.

The play occurred with three minutes to play in the third quarter of their eventual 26-17 loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Down 16-7, the Seahawks got stopped deep in their own territory. The team was forced to punt ... and that's when everything went wrong.

A Rams defender broke into the backfield and blocked Dickson's punt. Dickson was able to pick up the ball. After realizing he wasn't going to run for the first down, Dickson decided he had enough room to punt the ball a second time.

Here's what that looked like in real time:

During the play, announcer Joe Buck quipped, "That's two kicks for the price of one."

A flag was thrown immediately, and former NFL official Mike Pereira explained to viewers that the play would be coming back. Pereira claimed the ball could only be advanced after it was blocked. He told viewers, "No, you can't kick it again."

It appeared Pereira was correct, especially since the official who watched the play unfold threw the flag the instant Dickson kicked the ball a second time.

After talking it over, the officials decided to pick up the flag. Dickson was not penalized on the play. His poise and decision-making under pressure resulted in the Rams getting the ball at their 11-yard line.

Following the play, Dickson was spotted on the sideline smiling while hugging and shaking hands with his teammates. It was a well deserved celebration after he pulled off a great play that initially confused everyone in the stadium.

Michael Dickson with the Seahawks.
Michael Dickson pulled off an incredible double punt. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)