Sauce mascot's response to hecklers goes viral

A barbecue sauce bottle mascot has made it big online after footage of his response to hecklers at an A-League game went viral.

The hilarious scenes happened during the Central Coast Mariners' match against local rivals the Newcastle Jets on Saturday afternoon.

The Mariners are sponsored by Masterfoods, the company known in most Australian homes for their range of tomato and barbecue sauces, amongst other food-related products.

So it's perhaps no surprise that the team's mascots are a pair of giant sauce bottles - one tomato and one barbecue.

Presumably, they're used to copping a bit of flack from away fans but for barbecue sauce it all became a bit much on the weekend.

Jets supporters seemed to be taking great pleasure in winding the mascots up and could be heard chanting "Who are ya?" over and over.

Tomato was playing it cool by gesturing for fans to bring on the taunts but barbecue wasn't having a bar of it as he flipped the rival supporters the bird.

Things got a bit saucy at the Mariners' A-League match. Pic: Facebook

The video, posted on the A-League Memes Facebook page, has attracted more than 400 comments and dozens of shares.

It's also sparked a range of debates ranging from whether Masterfoods is better than Heinz and if tomato sauce is superior to its barbecue counterpart.

"Found my moment of the week ahhahahahaha," and 'Don’t think I've ever seen anything more iconic." were two of the posts from fans.

"Reasons bbq sauce is better than tomato," and "Masterfoods over Heinz any day" were two of the other offerings from users.

However, some merely couldn't come to terms with the idea that the Mariners' mascots were in fact giant sauce bottles.

"The guy behind us: 'your day job is a f*#$ing sauce bottle,'" read another post.

The sauce mascots aren't the only ones to have captured our imaginations this week, with footage of the dancing cougar from the University of Utah becoming an instant online sensation.