Nick Cummins in brutal TV fight with AFLW's Sabrina Frederick

Nick Cummins, pictured here in brutal fight with Sabrina Frederick on SAS Australia.
Fellow contestants were in tears watching the fight between Nick Cummins and Sabrina Frederick. Image: Channel 7

Nick Cummins and Sabrina Frederick went toe-to-toe in confronting scenes on national television on Monday night in the first episode of SAS Australia.

Cummins and Frederick are just two of the high-profile sporting stars appearing on the Channel 7 reality show, joining the likes of Mitchell Johnson, Shayna Jack and Candice Warner.

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On Monday night’s episode, contestants were forced to go one-on-one in brutal boxing bouts.

But things took a stunning turn when Frederick volunteered to fight and nominated Cummins as her opponent.

“Oh my God,” former Miss Universe contestant Erin McNaught could be heard saying.

Others including Schapelle Corby and Ali Oetjen (of Bachelorette fame) were in tears watching the fight.

Frederick, who plays in the AFLW for Richmond, showed incredible bravery and toughness in holding her own against Cummins.

The former Wallabies star landed a couple of brutal blows on Frederick, who didn’t take a backwards step.

“The hand-to-hand combat task was the ultimate test of character and bravery,” SAS Chief Instructor Ant Middleton told Channel 7.

“Sabrina had the luxury of choosing her enemy and she chose a tough opponent, showing true strength of character and how much she wanted to test herself and get the absolute most out of this experience.

“Nick did exactly what was asked of him. They both held a good and correct account of themselves.

“SAS Australia is the closest thing there is to the real selection process. Standards will not be dropped. It really is that simple.”

Sabrina Frederick and Nick Cummins, pictured here in the AFLW and rugby.
Sabrina Frederick and Nick Cummins. Image: Getty

Sabrina Frederick opens up on brutal fight

Frederick explained that she was perfectly prepared to fight Cummins.

“I feel like my whole life is a constant fight, I’m a black woman, in a same-sex relationship, working in a male-dominated sport,” she said.

“I’m in this experience to prove that women can do this. I know what women can do and I’ve never had men beat me in my industry anyway.”

She later told Channel 7: “I went on SAS Australia to challenge myself, to push myself to my absolute limits both physically and mentally.

“My whole life I have been fighting for equality. For people to treat all as equal, regardless of gender or race, and this task was an opportunity for exactly that.”

Viewers watching at home were shocked by the confronting scenes but hailed Frederick’s bravery.

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