Brutal twist revealed after footballer Ryan Giggs' affair with his brother's wife

Ryan Giggs’ brother, Rhodri, has revealed the extent of his famous brother’s affair with his wife and the toll it took on his family.

Speaking on the Almost Famous podcast, Rhodri claimed his mother took his famous brother’s side during the saga when Giggs was claimed to have had an affair his wife Natasha.

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During the podcast, Rhodri said he hasn’t spoken to his mum or brother for several years.

“It’s like I’ve done it. I haven’t got 35 medals, haven’t played for Manchester United for 20-odd years and own a big house,” he said.

Ryan Giggs (pictured left) and Rhodri Giggs (pictured right). (Images: Getty Images/ITV)

"Six months down the line he said he's going to do this, do that and then nothing has happened... He expects me just to forget it and act like things are normal but no, I went to the papers and from that day they never spoke to me.

“I don’t speak to any of my family, none of them speak to me. They all speak to Ryan, they all live in Wales, all go to Wales games, nice food and nice hospitality,” he added.

Rhodri told podcast host Barnaby Slater his brother had reached out to reconcile a few years earlier.

Rhodri Giggs, Ryan Giggs' (pictured) brother, has opened up about his relationship with brother and mother. (Getty Images)

He said it was a shame his children weren’t mixing with his brother’s children since they were a similar age.

Giggs is the most decorated footballer in British football.

He is currently the manager of Wales and led them to Euro 2020.