Ryan Garcia responds to positive ‘B’ sample with social media outburst: ‘I F*CKING LOVE STEROIDS’

Ryan Garcia’s “B” sample matched his “A” samples, which indicated that he had the banned substance Ostarine in his system for his fight with Devin Haney on April 20, boxing journalist Dan Rafael reported Thursday.

Rafael said he had possession of the lab results from the testing, which was conducted by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association.

Garcia, who has said he didn’t intentionally take PEDs, reacted to the news with bizarre posts on X. He said: “I don’t care I’ll never make money again with boxing your loss not mine for setting me up lol joke on yall. … Let’s go we positive positive vibes bruh Yess so happy’ … I F—ING LOVE STEROIDS.”

Garcia later deleted the posts.

His legal team also released a statement, contending that an independent hair-sample analysis that says it came back negative is an indication of contamination, not long-term use.

The statement read, in part: “Ryan Garcia is committed to clean and fair competition and has never intentionally used any banned substance. Soon after being notified of his positive [‘A’ sample] test, Ryan voluntarily had his hair collected and shipped to Dr. Pascal Kintz, the foremost expert in toxicology and hair-sample analysis. The results of Ryan’s hair sample came back negative.

“This is consistent with contamination and demonstrably proves that Ryan had not ingested ostarine over a period of time — the only way he could have had any advantage whatsoever in the ring.”

The samples that tested positive were taken the day before and the day of Garcia’s fight with Haney, who went down three times and lost a majority decision.

Garcia will have a chance to present its case at a New York State Athletic Commission hearing, although no date has been announced. If the commission rules against him, he could be suspended and fined.

He presumably also would lose his career-defining victory. Haney, who was unbeaten entering the fight, wants the result changed to a disqualification victory in his favor.

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie