NZ captain slammed for 'bizarre' post-match interview

New Zealand captain Adam Blair has come under fire for a passionless interview after his side's shock Rugby League World Cup loss to Fiji.

Blair was interviewed in the aftermath of his side's listless 4-2 quarter-final upset against Fiji in Wellington.

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The Kiwi skipper - nonchalantly chewing away on some gum - started by congratulating the Fijians on their incredible upset victory.

"It was do or die for both teams who put it on the line," Blair said.

"You've got to give credit to Fiji they played well, they put it on the line, they played tough.

"Our boys turned up, worked together as a group, and in the end a couple of penalties put them in front."

Blair then astonishingly - and at the risk of infuriating his whole country - attempted to explain that the loss wasn't a negative for New Zealand.

"[We] have to go back and reflect on what we've done in the tournament," Blair said.

Blair's comments did not go down well. Image: Getty

"It's not a negative for us. We're going to build something here and we've got some great young talent coming through."

Former coach Brian McClennan was left fuming by Blair's attitude.

"I'm surprised by how 'Blairy' talked at the end there; it's bizarre," McClennan said.

"I know Blairy. He's just got it wrong, whoever is teaching him this, you've got it wrong, you've got to wear your heart on your sleeve all the time, you're representing your country."