Roosters skipper responds to ‘grossly distorted’ claims

NRL Rd 22 - Broncos v Roosters
The Roosters have threatened legal action against members of the public who made false claims about their players. Picture: Albert Perez/Getty Images

Sydney Roosters captain James Tedesco defended his teammates declaring it’s “not right” they were accused of engaging in wrongful behaviour in a video which was circulated online with the allegations condemned by the club amid threats of legal action.

The short video showed five current players in a room responding to a question from a fan which the club says was part of a lengthy live stream that they’d organised with supporters.

But viewers of the short clip made wild allegations which the Roosters slammed as “grossly distorted and clearly damaging claims” in a powerful statement on Tuesday morning.

Tedesco was unimpressed by suggestions his teammates had done anything wrong.

“It was the night before a game and I knew the boys were doing a giveaway on Twitch,” he said.

“Some people have come out assuming some silly things, but that’s not right for people to come out and assume things that they have no idea about.

“To get accused of something like that isn’t right.”

His comments came after the club threatened action against people who started the rumours.

“The Sydney Roosters have been made aware of a small clip from a longer live stream that some on social media have claimed identifies behaviour that breaches NRL rules,” the statement read.

“The live stream in question was part of a transparent one-hour interaction with one of our players followers on the evening before the club’s round 11 match.

“The players who featured in the stream selected winners for several giveaways of jerseys, boots and caps. The players were fully aware they were being viewed by participants in the live stream.

“The clip reveals no use of illicit substances or any other breach of NRL rules, however some see fit to make that grossly distorted and clearly damaging claim.

“The Sydney Roosters uphold the highest standards of conduct and integrity, both on and off the field. Our players adhere to all NRL policies, including its rigorous drug testing and education programs.

“As a club we remind those on social media that we take the defamatory statements some have made very seriously, and we are conducting a thorough investigation to identify the source(s) of several false accusations.”

The Roosters said legal action would be pursued against those found responsible for spreading “damaging and unsubstantiated claims”.