Federer's nice behind-the-scenes moment with Mirka

Roger Federer has shared the touching moment he was congratulated by friends and family after winning his sixth Australian Open.

TV cameras gave the Federer family their privacy after his emotional triumph, but Roger has since taken to social media to share some behind-the-scenes snaps.

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Once Federer entered his dressing room he shared a beautiful moment with wife Mirka, as the rest of his family cheered and applauded.

Most of his friends and family appeared to be wearing RF20 shirts, signifying his historic 20th grand slam triumph.

The Swiss legend also shared a happy snap with his coach, as well as some funny pics of the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup.

On Sunday night the World No.2 credited his wife with keeping him motivated and still going strong at 36.

The latest triumph came 15 years after he won his first major at Wimbledon in 2003, yet he continues to defy time when many of his contemporaries have fallen by the wayside.

He said having a supportive partner was key to him still being able to do what he loves, with wife Mirka courtside for most of his big games, despite now having four children to look after.

This, coupled with a careful schedule, has allowed him to remain at the top, with no thoughts of calling it quits any time soon.

"I think by not overplaying, not playing every tournament possible," he said on what keeps him going.

"I enjoy practice, don't mind the travel. Having a great team around me, they make it possible.

Mirka and the kids. Image: Getty

"Then, of course, my wife who makes it all possible. Without her support, I wouldn't be playing tennis no more since many years.

"But we had a very open conversation, if she was happy to do this or not, years ago. I'm happy that she's super supportive, and she's willing to take on a massive workload with the kiddies.

"Same for me, because I wouldn't want to be away from my kids for more than two weeks. This life wouldn't work if she said no."

Federer also takes pleasure in seeing his parents, Lynette and Robert, enjoying watching him play and travelling to tournaments.

"At the end it's seeing that my parents are incredibly proud and happy that I'm still doing it," he said.

"They enjoy coming to tournaments. That makes me happy and play better.

"Many puzzles need to fit together for me to be able to sit here tonight," he added.

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