Roger Federer's huge win in long-running legal dispute

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

Roger Federer has officially reclaimed his famous ‘RF’ logo, which he lost when moving from clothing apparel Nike to Uniqlo two years ago.

The Swiss ace signed a lucrative deal with Uniqlo in 2018, meaning the tennis great walked away from long-term sponsors Nike, but it meant also leaving behind his iconic ‘RF’ logo.

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The rights to Federer’s personal brand was retained by Nike because they originally designed it in 2010, with Federer always insisting that he wanted it back.

But after a two year ordeal, Federer has officially regained the rights to the logo.

The Swiss maestro stunned fans in 2018 when he announced he would leave long-time sponsors Nike and move to Uniqlo for a rumoured $30 million per year.

Federer fires serve at sponsor

During a press conference at The Championships that year he launched a powerful serve to his former sponsor about his desire to get the iconic logo back.

“‘The RF logo is with Nike at the moment, but it will come to me at some point,” Federer said.

“They are my initials. They are mine.

Roger Federer has regained the rights to the famous logo 'RF' off Nike after he left them in 2018. (Getty Images)

“I hope rather sooner than later, that Nike can be nice and helpful in the process to bring it over to me.

“It’s also something that was very important for me, for the fans really.”

Neither Federer or Uniqlo have made an announcement on if they would use the logo.

Federer is currently out waiting for knee surgery and hopes to make it back in time for Wimbledon.