'Can't believe it': Ridiculous match point drama stuns tennis fans

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

The Rio Open has been full of drama this week and it was hit with more controversy on Wednesday after the new clay-court review technology enraged Federico Coria on match point.

ATP Tour is trialling the use of hawkeye technology on clay court at the Rio Open this year and it has already caused controversy.

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World No.116 Coria was up against young Spanish talent Carlos Alcaraz - who has drawn comparisons with countryman Rafael Nadal for his on-court game - and was serving on match point.

A forward from Alcaraz went dangerously close to the line and was called out prompting Coria to fall to the ground with joy.

Alcaraz half-heartedly challenged the call as he walked towards the net to shake hands with his opponent.

Coria circled what he thought was the bounce of the ball in the clay and walked towards the net, but to his dismay the Real Bounce technology showed the ball clipping the line.

This did not sit well with Coria and prompted him to question the call and argue with the umpire.

‘He can’t believe it’: Commentator

“It’s been called out and Federico Coria is into the quarter-finals, or is he?” the commentator said.

“It’s a challenge...it’s in you know. We are not done here.

“How does he turn this around now. He has got to settle back in here, it is not done yet.”

Federico Coria couldn't believe hawkeye ruled the ball had landed in after it was called out and he thought he won the match. (Images: @TennisTV)

Another commentator added: “He simply can’t believe it.”

The Argentine recovered following the drama and was able to serve out the match.

Alcaraz may have departed at the quarter-final stage of the Rio Open but the 16-year-old impressed on his ATP Tour debut.