Footage emerges of ridiculous 213cm, 12-year-old basketballer

This Canadian-born French 12-year-old is really good at basketball.

But Olivier Rioux would want to be – he’s already 213 centimetres tall.

Footage of the child, which barely makes sense to say, taking part in a Spanish under-12 basketball tournament has gone viral after he dominated his opponents.

Playing for the Frenchy Phenoms, a fitting name, Rioux rises above even his coaches but it was on the court where he stood out the most.

His tallest opponent barely reached his chest but Rioux’s long arms ruined any hope they had of grabbing a rebound.

Or scoring before he got to the eight-foot hoop.

He’s impossible! Pic: BasketCantera.TV

One young boy thought he had a clear path to the basket, only to get blocked right out of there – and Rioux loved it, staring him down like he’d just blocked LeBron James.

He definitely has a love for trash talk, regularly taunting opponents after he leans over them to score two points.

Remarkably, his presence alone couldn’t drag the Phenoms to a championship.

They fell by one point to a youth team from Spanish giants Real Madrid.