Richmond's incredible GF gesture for young fan

Over 100,000 fans made their way to the MCG for the AFL Grand Final on Sunday, but few came with as much history as eight-year-old Nate Anderson and his dad Curly.

These diehard Richmond supporters had flown over from Perth last week without tickets, hoping just to absorb the atmosphere of Punt Road.

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Four years ago Nate was diagnosed with Leukaemia and doctors told his parents there was nothing they could do.

Richmond Football Club heard of Nate's battle and offered to help.

Nate with Richmond coach Damien Hardwick. Image: Ch7
Nate and Alex Rance. Image: Ch7

When the Tigers played in Perth they helped Nate celebrate his fifth birthday.

The youngster became a familiar face at Tigers games in the West, running out onto the field with the team despite having to have his left leg amputated.

Nate on field with the Tigers. Image: Ch7

He inspired the Tigers and everyone who knew him with his indomitable spirit.

"A story like that really puts life into perspective," Richmond skipper Trent Cotchin said in 2016.

"To see what this kid has been through and to be able to repay him is very special."

Cotchin helped Nate celebrate his birthday. Image: Ch7

Somehow Nate's immune system fought off the infection.

"Within six months he was taking his first steps on a prosthetic," Nate's dad Curly told Channel 7's Neil Kearney.

"Now he runs around with his mates at school and he plays football."

Curly and Nate at the Grand Final. Image: Ch7

So last week Nate and Curly came to Melbourne hoping just to have a kick-to-kick with Matthew Richardson at Punt Road, but the Tigers legend surprised Nate with a wonderful gift - two tickets to the Grand Final.

Nate rode every high and low as his beloved Tigers broke their 37-year premiership drought.

Jubilation. Image: Ch7

It was the seventh Richmond game he'd attended live, and the seventh time they'd won while he was watching on.

"I'm their mascot!" he said at the MCG.

Curly couldn't thank the club enough for everything they've done for his family.

"They've been amazing," he said.

"They just put a smile on his face every time."

Watch Neil Kearney's full story on Nate and Curly in the video at the top.