Rice tweets sexy snap in birthday suit

Yahoo7 Sport

Stephanie Rice's latest risque foray into social media is likely to get far more positive feedback than she has in the past after posing in her birthday bikini.

Rice, who was forced to make a public apology after posting derogatory comments during a Wallabies game, was looking fit as she sent the picture out on Instagram.

In the picture Rice thanked her friend and swimwear designer Ellie Gonsalves for the bikini for her 24th birthday present.

In this day of fiercely guarded sponsorship deals there were initial thoughts that Rice might have angered the swimwear brand Speedo, the team's official sponsor.

But her management insisted she was not breaking any commercial agreements.

"No, Stephanie isn't an ambassador for Ellie Gonsalves, she just loves their stuff. She doesn't have any relationship with Speedo anymore so there are no restrictions there," they said.

Rice is no stranger to posting sexy snaps of herself on Twitter and other social media platforms.

But if you are comfortable with your body then why not flaunt it while you have it?

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