Revealed: What really happened in controversial sparring session

A young Irish boxer, present during the controversial sparring session between Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi, has lifted the lid on what really happened between the pair.

Controversy surrounds the spiteful session after McGregor's camp uploaded a series of images from the session, appearing to show the Irishman dominating Malignaggi.

One image shows McGregor standing menacingly over Malignaggi, who is on his back on the canvas after what looks to have been a McGregor knockdown.

McGregor's photographer Dave Fogarty tweeted the photo with the caption “there no conspiracy, there no photoshop, just pure unadulterated power”.

The image in question. Image: Twitter

In response, 36-year-old Malignaggi quit the training camp and proceeded to create a media storm, accusing McGregor of using misleading images to create a fake perception of his boxing abilities.

The Brooklyn boxer explained the 'knockdown' photo, saying McGregor pushed him over in order to catch his breath.

"He pushed me down on the floor to try and catch a break. The instant I went down I got up and I remember I continued the trash talk and said ‘what’s up, buddy? you need a break?" Malignaggi said.

But now another version of the story has been revealed by young Irish boxer Tiernan Bradley, who refuted Malignaggi's explanation of events.

Malignaggi (L) during his heyday. Image: Getty

"Conor stayed very professional; Paulie was saying stuff and then getting hit. Conor chose his moments to talk back." Bradley wrote for the Irish News.

"There are tactics to mental warfare too, knowing when to talk, and then there’s stupidity.

"It wasn’t a one-sided spar either way but I thought one was the clear winner overall and that was Conor. He was very calm, very professional and, honestly, he really impressed me on the day."

In regards to Malignaggi's demand that the unedited footage of the sparring be released for all to see, Bradley explained that may be bad viewing for the American.

"Paulie has done plenty of talking, but he could be talking himself into a hole when the footage comes out after the Mayweather fight.

"When you’re in sparring, sometimes you think you’re doing better than you are, but watching back afterwards can reveal the true nature of the spar."