Renee Gracie's $350,000 cash splurge after porn windfall

Renee Gracie is pictured in a shot from her Instagram.
Renee Gracie has taken to Instagram to share a video of hew new $350,000 Mercedes Benz. Picture: Instagram/renee_gracie

Former Supercars driver turned online adult model Renee Gracie has flaunted the wild earnings she’s made from her OnlyFans profile, dropping $350,000 cash on a brand new Mercedes.

In the kind of upgrade most people can only dream about, Gracie moved on from her Ford Mustang, not a cheap car in its own right, to a brand new Mercedes Benz AMG GTC Roadster.

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Boasting similar performance to her Supercars entry from Bathurst 2015, in which she and Simona de Silvestro became the first female pairing to take on Mt Panorama.

Gracie took on a full time drive in 2016 but left the sport at the end of the season, citing the high cost of running a full-time entry.

Money isn’t as much of a problem now, with Gracie claiming her work on OnlyFans has resulted in a monthly windfall of $25,000 - or more.

After going public with her new career earlier this year, Gracie said she made $500,000 in one month.

The new Mercedes isn’t the only thing she’s splashed out on either - in July she dropped $15,000 on a ‘Brazilian butt lift’ surgery.

“It is the same surgery which Kim Kardashian and a bunch of celebrities have had done,” Gracie said at the time.

Renee Gracie’s family supports adult career

According to Gracie, she might have turned her back on her newfound fame if not for some advice from her father.

“When I first started making serious money I had to tell my dad, I thought ‘oh my god, I’m making so much money, he’s going to start figuring it out (and asking) where are you getting all this money from?’ So I just told him,” Gracie told the Hit Network’s Hughesy and Ed.

“I had a little bit of a rough time on Only Fans, it does get hard to try and be creative all the time, I turned to my dad and said ‘I’m just over it, I don’t think I’m going to do it anymore,’

“And he actually said ‘don’t stop, you’re making so much money, don’t stop’. He actually encouraged me to keep doing it because it’s been life-changing and if anyone was in the position to make this kind of money everyone would try and do it.

“To actually have that support when times have got tough is really good.

“My family and friends don’t really care or see the content that I make or what I do, they see the implications it has — the money and the things it’s allowing me to do. That’s why they support it.”