Ranking NBA's top 5 'City Edition' uniforms ahead of the 2023-24 in-season tournament

The NBA unveiled all 30 new “City Edition” jerseys set to debut during the inaugural in-season tournament (Credit: NBA, Nike).
The NBA unveiled all 30 new “City Edition” jerseys set to debut during the inaugural in-season tournament. (Credit: NBA, Nike)

The NBA unveiled all 30 "City Edition" Jerseys for the 2023-24 season on Thursday. The alternate looks will draw even more attention this year as they're set to debut during the inaugural in-season tournament that tips off Friday.

Bold-painted courts will accompany the special edition uniforms throughout the tournament, and there's no denying the appearance of it all is paramount. But the league also looks for "robust, hyperlocal stories from each of our NBA teams, creating a tapestry of the history of our game, its teams and the cities that support them,” according to Thursday's official release.

Now that every team has officially shared their new threads, here are the top five 2023-24 "City Edition" jerseys:

5. Sacramento Kings

The Kings' jerseys were leaked early, but that doesn't make them any less appealing. They went retro without going stale.

Blue is a great change from the usual purple, black and gray color scheme. While the swoosh does seem a bit too close to the team's lettering, the white and red combine for a uniform that fits the royal theme of Sacramento's beloved franchise.

Those colors aren't random either. They're a reference to an important jersey in franchise history, the 1968 Cincinnati Royals road uniform. The Kings were introduced to the league as the Rochester Royals in 1948, then spent 1957-1972 as the Cincinnati Royals before rebranding as the Kings in 1972 and relocating to Sacramento in 1985.

The team honored its heritage in a video voiced by actor and Sacramento native Sam Elliott.

4. New York Knicks

The Knicks didn't stray too far from last year's offering, but the details make it a favorite. In another collaboration with New York-based luxury designer Kith, the overall appearance is reminiscent of the Knicks from 1998 and 2012. The blue is back and better than ever, accented with black and orange.

They added subtle pinstripes, an ode to the area's baseball culture. The layered "New York" lettering is a call upon Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York," which traditionally closes Yankees games.

The team unveiled the jerseys with a video featuring franchise stars Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart. Sinatra plays as the two go head-to-head in the uniforms. It depicts them spending "all night" playing one-on-one in Bronxville High School's gym. It's a really fun depiction of competition, filled with jokes and trash talk:

3. Philadelphia 76ers

There's no denying the effort Philadelphia poured into their "City Edition" uniforms this year. They went for the "City of Brotherly Love" wording and navy colorway again. But they carried out an idea that centers the fans, which are the most important part of any franchise.

It's all inspired by Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market, a non-profit and historic public market that boasts more than 80 family-owned small businesses in the center of the city.

The arrows symbolize those that once directed people from the train station to Reading Terminal, while the detailing within the letters is a nod to the market's neon signage.

Local business owners are featured in the team's video unveiling the jerseys, which is a thoughtful touch. Many of them speak to the importance of the market and community:

2. San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs created old-school heaven with their "Viva Spurs" uniforms this year. It's almost reminiscent of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' creamsicle revival, which was a big hit. In addition to the orange and brown colors, the lettering is super retro. It's a nice vibe.

San Antonio might have checked the hyper-local heritage box better than any other team, drawing inspiration from 1968 HemisFair. It was the first and only World's Fair to be held in the city.

1. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns' "El Valle" uniforms take the cake. The purple is so visually appealing and with the ombre orange and electric blue accents, it's not hard to tell what's being referenced. Even the font is a clear nod.

Classic low riders are a huge part of the identity of the city, which hosts plenty of car clubs and annual shows. The stylized cars are a Chicano invention that originated in the Southwest.

The uniforms were a collaboration with local artist and Arizona State fine arts professor, Miguel Angel Godoy. Phoenix's "City Edition" video highlights the Chicano and Hispanic culture of many of its fans:

All of these jerseys will be seen during group play of the in-season tournament, which will consist of 14 games on ESPN and TNT. Friday is a doubleheader, featuring the Knicks against the Milwaukee Bucks (7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN) and the defending NBA champion Denver Nuggets versus the Dallas Mavericks (10 p.m. ET).

TNT's group play broadcasts begin Nov. 14, when the Spurs visit the Oklahoma City Thunder (7:30 p.m. ET) before the Nuggets take on the Los Angeles Clippers in Denver (10 p.m. ET).