Fighter hospitalises opponent with brutal KO in Australian Championships

Cameroonian beast Rameau Sokoudjou left his opponent in need of urgent medical attention after a brutal barrage in the Australian Fighting Championships.

In one of the most brutal finishes in AFC history, Sokoudjou hospitalised Brazilian fighter Marcelo Tenorio with a devastating ground and pound.

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Tenorio was left with a deep, two-inch cut on his head which forced an immediate stoppage to the fight 1 min and 26 seconds into the first round.

What a beast! Image: AFC

After leaving his opponent a bloody mess, Sokoudjou sent a message to reigning AFC light heavyweight champion Jamie Abdallah: "I'm coming for you".

"He's been talking trash so I'm going to beat him up," Sokoudjou said of the Melburnian.

"I've got to take a trip to Australia and beat his a---. He claims he's big, so I'm going to come to his house and beat him up."

Tenorio had no answer to Sokoudjou's strength.

"I went to use my elbows and somehow he ate one."

"I was just in the moment and I was throwing those elbows," Sokoudjou said.

The former UFC, Pride, Bellator, Strikeforce, WEC, Affliction and Dream fighter ranked the performance as one of the best in his career.