'Have Postecoglou’s Tottenham been figured out?'

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I’m at loss for words.

We continue to concede numerous goals per game and have stopped outscoring our opponents.

We’ve lost our spark, I don’t see any leaders on that pitch. I don’t see a team united, I just see a bunch of individuals with some trying more than others.

Apparently, we shouldn’t be concerned about set pieces, but it seems to me that other teams have identified a weak spot and are capitalising on our mistakes. Why can’t we do that to them?

Is that it, have Postecoglou’s Tottenham been figured out?

Or do we just not have the right personnel for the job?

I’m getting tired of wanting seasons to end prematurely. What is shocking is that on paper, this season will end better than the last one, but there have been so many twists and turns I think we’re all exhausted now.

We desperately need to put our ducks in a row.

We need to seriously back Postecoglou in the summer transfer window. I can’t honestly say whether he is or isn’t the right man for the job, but I don’t think we can afford another change in management. We can’t keep repeating the same cycles year in year out and expect miracles to happen.

We have accumulated so many players over the years who suit different systems and philosophies, we need to draw a line under that. Focus on putting together a team that knows how to play together, wants to put in 110% on the pitch and give it all for the badge.

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