Police Facebook post goes viral for very Aussie reason

A police Facebook post has been inundated with humorous comments after Australians spotted the wanted woman’s Cold Chisel-inspired first name.

South Australia Police asked for the public’s assistance in locating a 28-year-old woman from Surrey Downs, who is wanted for a number of serious offences and a breach of bail after she removed her home detention bracelet.

Along with her mugshot, police also disclosed the woman’s name - Khe Sanh Cox and what followed was a flood of comments filled with Cold Chisel references.

Of course, Khe Sanh is the name the iconic song by the Australian band.

Khe Sanh Cox, pictured in a police photos, is wanted by South Australia Police
A woman's mugshot went viral on social media, with people inundating the post with Cold Chisel references. Source: SA Police/AAP

“Wonder if her soul was sold with cigarettes to the blackmarket man?” one person questioned.

Many people used lyrics from the song to suggest where Ms Cox might be.

“Maybe in 7 flying hrs she'll be landing in Hong Kong,” someone said, other suggested she might “hit some Hong Kong mattress all night long”.

People commenting reference other Cold Chisel classics

Others offered up references to other Cold Chisel songs.

“You'll find her with Ita at the Flame Trees, just past Bow River, drinking Cheap Wine,” someone commented.

“She certainly was no Choir Girl. Its a shame You Got Nothing I Want or I'd take you there but I'm Getting The Band Back Together at the Star Hotel on Saturday Night so it's going to be One Long Day.”

“Have you checked the manifest for the last plane out of Sydney?” someone asked, referencing a line of the song many others also ran with.

Pictured is the post South Australia Police put out, in hopes of locating Khe Sanh Cox.
SA Police are hoping to locate Khe Sanh Cox. Source: SA Police

Others suggested the 28-year-old wouldn’t be a flight risk.

“Shouldn't be a flight risk, with the last plane out of Sydney almost gone,” someone said.

Some were concerned several people on the post were referencing Ms Cox being on a “train” and not a “plane”.

“Deeply concerned about how many people think the lyrics are ‘train’, not ‘plane’...” someone said.

SA Police join in on the jokes

Even SA Police got in on the jokes on Twitter.

“She is no Choir Girl - we've already searched Bow River & the Star Hotel,” the cops said.

There’s over 24,000 comments on the post, but this would have to be one of the best:

“Her sister Rock Sanh is also known well to the Police for Red Light infringements,” someone said.

Senior Constable Mick Abbott told the ABC the huge response the police got was “quite good”.

Ms Cox is described as being of Caucasian appearance, 157cm tall, with a heavy build and black hair and blue eyes.

If you see her or know of her whereabouts, please call the Police Assistance line on 131 444 immediately or Triple-0 in an emergency.

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