Poker 'cheating' allegations erupt after $420,000 drama: 'Disturbing'

Garrett ‘Gman’ Adelstein (pictured far left) pointing to the river in poker and (pictured right) Robbi Jade Lew after winning a hand.
Garrett ‘Gman’ Adelstein (pictured far left) accused Robbi Jade Lew (pictured right) of cheating during a World Series Poker event. (Images: World Series Poker)

The poker world has been sent into meltdown after professional player Garrett ‘Gman’ Adelstein accused Robbi Jade Lew of cheating after winning what was had been deemed the 'craziest' hand in the modern era.

During a televised World Poker Tour event, Adelstein forced Lew to go all-in on a hand if she was to call.

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Adelstein had the seven and eight of clubs.

When the flop came it revealed a 10 of hearts, 10 of clubs and nine of clubs.

The first reveal also brought a three of hearts, helping neither player.

Adelstein was going for an open ended straight flush draw and had a 53 per cent chance to win and forced Lew to go all-in.

Lew only had a jack and a four offsuit, but she called.

The event was live streamed and the commentator was left absolutely baffled to why she would call with a Jack-four offsuit.

Robbi Jade Lew during a World Series Poker event.
Robbi Jade Lew has been accused of of cheating after winning a 'crazy' hand in poker. (Image: World Series Poker)

"She calls?" the commentator said with complete surprise.

"What is going on here. Is it possible her hand might be misread in the card graphics?"

Adelstein was going for a club, a six or a Jack on the river to win the hand.

However, the river did not hand Adelstein the cards he needed and Lew won the $420,000 pot with a jack-high.

Poker world erupts over Robbi Jade Lew accusations

This sparked chaos.

“I don’t understand what’s happening right now,” Adelstein said right after the hand.

The idea is that Lew hoped that Adelstein was bluffing and was going for a flush or a straight on the river card.

"I thought you had ace high," Lew said to a surprised Adelstein.

"So, why call with jack high?"Adelstein replied.

Adelstein was staring with a blank look at Lew and was in shock.

"Look at Garrett's face...that is super, super strange. You can see his reaction," the commentator said.

"I am speechless."

This is when Lew addressed Adelstein's behaviour.

"Garrett, you look like you want to kill me," Lew said.

The commentator on the stream claimed Adelstein seemed 'disturbed' by what had just unfolded.

"It's the most disturbed look I've ever seen Garrett give," he said.

After the two left the table Lew offered to give the money back to Adelstein, which he accepted.

Following the event, Adelstein accused Lew of cheating.

Lew then hit back on social media and denied any wrongdoing.

What transpired had many on the internet questioning what had happened.

Some called it the 'craziest' hand of poker in the modern era and called for Lew to give an explanation.

However, others said Lew shouldn't be questioned after what turned out to be a 'hero' call.

The chess world has had a similar incident with champ Magnus Carlsen accusing American Hans Niemann of cheating.

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