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Playing QB matchmaker with 17 teams that could ride the QB carousel

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What happens next with Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson will absolutely be the focus at the start of the NFL's free agency period next week, despite the fact that neither are technically free agents. Since quarterback is the most important position, Matt Harmon and his guest, the NFL Network's Patrick Claybon, take a look at a whopping seventeen teams who could be making some sort of QB move in the coming months and play a massive game of QB matchmaker.

Lamar to the Buccaneers? Baker Mayfield to the Falcons? Ryan Tannehill to the Commanders? Yes, all the most bizarre choices have made it into the show. Listen as Matt and Patrick spin the QB carousel and place new quarterbacks in just about half of the league's franchises.

1:55 Update on Lamar Jackson's non-exclusive franchise tag

7:10 Veteran-needy teams: New York Jets, Arizona Cardinals, Washington Commanders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

24:10 Eyes on a rookie QB: Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders, Atlanta Falcons & Carolina Panthers

39:25 Looking at a radically different future: Green Bay Packers & Baltimore Ravens

43:45 The Lurkers: Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans & Los Angeles Rams

New York Jets QB Zach Wilson warms up prior to a game in 2022. The Jets are likely to roster Wilson in 2023 but will most likely be seeking a veteran to upgrade the position and are linked most closely to Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers.(Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

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