'Players let the fans down again'

Your views

We asked for your thoughts after Hibs slumped to a 2-1 defeat away to Ross County in the Scottish Premiership.

Here's a taste of what you had to say:

Fergis: We can’t defend. Looked comfortable and scored our goal, but then just imploded at back. The second half was pretty dire and we really didn’t look like winning, before we gift another late goal. I really hoped we would win the last five games to build some confidence for Nick Montgomery, but now I really can’t wait for this season to end.

David: I’m done with this Hibs outfit. If they stick with Montgomery again they can keep their season ticket for next year. I’m not turning out to support us play out from the back - it's leaky and uninspired football.

Colin: At least we're consistent! We leak soft goals, especially late on in games and can't convert the numerous chances we create. The players let the fans down again. The lack of character and a robust mindset is there for all to see.

Scott: Same old, same old. Defensively we are a joke. Rocky Bushiri is never a top flight centre-half, Will Fish is too erratic, Lewis Miller too rash, Paul Hanlon and Lewis Stevenson have been great servants but are now too old, and David Marshall is done. A complete new defence is required or next season will be exactly the same.

Darren: A full clear-out is needed from top to bottom. Nobody can say they should be exempt. The players have let everyone down and now they must pay. A complete fresh beginning next season or I fear relegation could be our next stop.

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