Pitch invader with rainbow flag stuns Qatar World Cup: 'Fearless'

A pitch invader (pictured right) with a pride flag during the Qatar World Cup.
A pitch invader stormed the field with a pride flag and political messages on his T-shirt during the Qatar World Cup clash between Portugal and Uruguay. (Getty Images)

The sporting world has erupted after fans around the world witnessed the Qatar World Cup's first pitch invader carrying a pride flag during broadcast in the Portugal and Uruguay clash. FIFA has received global backlash in the last few weeks over their stance on banning the 'One Love' armbands, which to be worn by players as a show of inclusion in Qatar.

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Homosexuality is illegal in the conservative Muslim country and according to the Human Dignity Trust the act is punishable by death in the Gulf nation. While FIFA originally said pride flags could be displayed in stadiums, reports suggest fans have had rainbow symbols confiscated.

But in a Qatar World Cup first, a pitch invader has stormed onto the field with a pride flag. Broadcast only briefly showed the pitch invader before the referee picked up the pride flag that was left on the field.

Images of the pitch invader also showed messages on his T-shirt.

The first read: 'Save Ukraine'. The second read: 'Respect for Iranian Women'.

Broadcast did its best not to show the pitch invader or the scenes surrounding the act.

Viewers all around the world reacted to the fearless move from the pitch invader. Many also were concerned over the pitch invader's wellbeing after the act.

Portugal ended up securing qualification during the game as they defeated Uruguay 2-0. The South American outfit will need to defeat Ghana to secure qualification.

One Love armbands controversy at World Cup

Controversy has erupted at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar after the captains of seven European nations backed down from wearing anti-discrimination armbands during matches after being threatened with yellow cards by the sport's governing body.

The seven captains - including Harry Kane from England and Gareth Bale of Wales - had planned to wear 'One Love' armbands at the World Cup in Qatar, a nation where same-sex relations are illegal. The captains wanted to wear the armbands to promote inclusion and diversity in football and society.

But under a FIFA edict delivered last Monday, the captains were told they would receive yellow cards if they went ahead with wearing the armbands during games. That sparked a backdown at the 11th hour and the armbands will not be worn.

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