'Utterly shameful': Piers Morgan slams footballer's 'disgusting' sex party

Footballer Kyle Walker is pictured next to TV host Piers Morgan in a split 50/50 image.
English football star Kyle Walker was slammed by breakfast TV host Piers Morgan, after inviting two escorts to his home while the UK remains in coronavirus lockdown. Pictures: Getty Images/Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan has labelled the actions of an English Premier League star who flouted social distancing rules to host a sex party at his apartment as ‘utterly shameful’.

In a fiery tirade which ran for nearly five minutes on Good Morning Britain, the controversial commentator said Manchester City and England star Kyle Walker had made a fool of himself by hosting the x-rated romp just a day before posting a message to social media about staying home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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The pandemic has claimed more than 5300 lives in the United Kingdom at the time of writing.

Morgan also took aim at Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish, who apologised for his actions after crashing his car into several parked cars in the early hours of the morning earlier this month.

“Kyle Walker, multi-millionaire, Manchester City football player. Another one, who rather like Jack Grealish, had given one of those rousing messages to the country telling us to stay in, obey the rules, don't do anything stupid,” Morgan said.

“Literally within a day, he'd hired two escorts to come to his home for him and his friend.

“You think, 'what could be more reckless than that?'

“Once again, a privileged, rich football player - and I'm not generalising them - but these two were telling us all how to behave and then doing the complete opposite.

“It's disgusting hypocrisy. It's unbelievably selfish and reckless. When the players behave like that they bring a stain on the whole industry.”

Piers Morgan attacks footballers’ virus ‘hypocrisy’

Morgan wasn’t done there.

The breakfast television host said the reputations of both players would be tarnished forever, and their reckless actions were a stain on the game.

“For them to do what they're doing, having done videos lecturing to the rest of us on what to do, is utterly shameful.

“Other players have to get a grip of maybe some of the younger, more wayward ones and say, 'this matters'.

“You are tarnishing this sport in a potentially irrevocable way. People will have long memories after this. They're not going to put up with it, about any of this kind of behaviour.

“It's disgusting.”

Both Walker and Grealish have since apologised for their actions.