People Are Completely Shocked (And Confused) By JoJo Siwa's "Bad Girl" Rebrand

People Are Completely Shocked (And Confused) By JoJo Siwa's "Bad Girl" Rebrand

JoJo Siwa is currently in her "pop star rebrand" era.

Person with pink hair and feathery top, smiling with thumbs up at an event
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The 21-year-old dancer was formerly best known for her big-ass bows and extremely loud outfits.

JoJo Siwa smiling in a red Gucci tracksuit with a large bow in her hair
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Lately, she's been dressed like this:

Person stands with hands on hips wearing a bright hoodie, sparkly trousers, and colorful sneakers, posing in front of a logo backdrop
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But now has a new song called "Karma" coming out, and she's taken on a whole new "bad girl" image.


She showed up to the I Heart Radio Awards dressed in her best bad girl cosplay and this was the result:

Person in avant-garde outfit with spikes and sheer elements, striking a pose on event backdrop
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People are... confused.

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"Who is JoJo Siwa's target audience? What's the fan demographic here with the rebrand?" this person asked.

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"is JoJo Siwa trying to join Kiss because what the hell is happening here?" another person questioned.

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As this person said, it's giving Wrestlemania.

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Anyway, this is the discourse of the day. People really can't believe it.

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Niecy Nash can't believe it either!

I Heart Radio/ Twitter: @mabuhayonce

Ultimately, it looks like another successful master plan by JoJo Siwa because we're all talking about it.

Twitter: @stoletheekeys

Either way, I'm all for a new pop girl coming onto the scene.

Person in dramatic makeup and embellished outfit with wing-like sleeves at an event
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Now let's talk about the important things, like how her car is still covered with pictures of her face.


Now that's a lot!

Car wrapped with images of JoJo Siwa, including her name, parked outside