People Are Losing Their Minds Over Major League Baseball's Pride Tweet, Like It's Wild We're Still Doing This

Happy Pride!

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It's that time of year when your *favorite* brands make their obligatory pride posts.

Twitter: @OneTopicAtATime

Major League Baseball posted this picture, and, well, people lost their minds.

Twitter: @MLB

The replies are full of angry people with the typical outrage.

A Twitter thread shows Marigold Sweetwater criticizing clowns, Charmaine Harbert agreeing but adding not to single out any group, and TheTexasOne replying "No thank you"

Gargoyles, demons, psychics etc.

Tweets about LGBT-related topics: "just do baseball" by @mypenplease, "Demonic" by Graham Allen, and "Do not promote sin on X, it should be illegal" by Lord Miles

"I am only here to enjoy the baseball game," one angry person said.

Tweet by Geraldinne (@GeraldinneRizki) on Jun 1, stating "I am only here to enjoy the baseball game" with 90 comments, 6 retweets, and 2.1K likes

"When is heterosexual, traditional family month in the MLB?" another angry person asked.

Tweet from Downtown Fairy on June 1 asking, "So when is heterosexual, traditional family month in MLB?" The tweet has 4 comments, 10 retweets, and 955 likes

And this person pulled out a classic: "Pride is a month, Vertans is a day."

A tweet from @Hou_2A stating: "Pride is a month, Veterans is a day. Something is messed up there." The tweet has 234 replies, 148 retweets, 3K likes, and 130K views

Not everyone was so crazy, though!

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An equal number of people love it.

Twitter: @JacDeAug

"The B in LGBT stands for Baseball fan," one person said.

Twitter: @corinne_jess

"I love gay baseball," another person commented.

Twitter: @versacebain

And this person pointed out: "The comments always show us why public support has never been more important."

Twitter: @eric_bach7

Ultimately, it wouldn't be Pride without people getting mad at a company for posting something that says "Happy Pride, everyone belongs." It's practically tradition now!

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