Pat Cummins criticism hits disgusting new low after sad news about mother

The Aussie cricket captain will miss the third Test in India to be with his ill mother in Sydney.

Pat Cummins, pictured here with his mother.
Pat Cummins will miss the third Test in India to be with his ill mother. Image: Instagram/Getty


Some of the criticism levelled at Pat Cummins in recent months has been unfair and unwarranted. But to abuse someone for choosing to be with their mother before she dies is downright disgusting.

Cummins revealed on Thursday that he won't be returning to India for the third Test in Indore, instead opting to remain in Sydney to be by his mother's side. Cummins flew home to Australia after the second Test, citing a serious family illness.

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On Thursday it emerged that his mother is in palliative care. "I have decided against returning to India at this time as my mother is ill and in palliative care. I feel I am best being here with my family," Cummins said.

"I appreciate the overwhelming support I have received from Cricket Australia and my teammates. Thanks for your understanding."

While decent human beings can understand Cummins' desire to spend as much time with his mother as possible, unfortunately not everyone is a decent human being. Some of the comments that came in response to the news about Cummins on Thursday would make your skin crawl.

Long-time broadcaster Glenn Mitchell wrote: "Twitter can be a cesspool. I can’t believe some of the comments being made about Pat Cummins’ decision to stay home to support his mother who is in palliative care. For those doing so turn a mirror on yourself and ask what would you do in a similar situation. And then, shut up."

Another user wrote: "Some of the comments I’m reading about Pat Cummins are quite frankly disgusting. No matter what you think of him (and many just hate him because they think he’s 'woke') - if you can’t show empathy or even common decency at this time, then just shut the f*ck up."

Speaking in 2021, Cummins opened up on the bond he shares with his mother and revealed how she battled breast cancer when he was in high school. "I remember her telling us 'I'm not going to be my normal self for the next little while,' at the outset," he told Athletes Voice.

"Mum went through all the chemo and radiation therapy. It lasted about six months. She's one of the lucky ones. She came out the other side.

"As a kid you think, 'Mum said it's going to be alright so it's going to be alright.' It's not until you get a bit older when you think 'That was really serious'."

Pat Cummins, pictured here with his mother and two sisters.
Pat Cummins with his mother (far left) and two sisters. Image: Pat Cummins/Instagram

Steve Smith steps in as Test captain once again

Cummins said he is hoping to be available for the fourth Test of the series, but there is a possibility that he will remain in Australia. Steve Smith will captain the Aussie side in Cummins' absence.

It will mark the third time Smith has stepped in as Test captain since Cummins became the skipper in November 2021 following the sexting scandal surrounding Tim Paine. Cummins has missed both of the most recent pink-ball matches in Adelaide against England and the West Indies due to Covid-19 in 2021 and injury in 2022.

Smith left the Australian camp in Delhi for a brief break to Dubai with wife Dani. However he arrived back in the Indian capital on Thursday night.

Thankfully, for all the negativity and vitriol aimed at Cummins on Thursday, there was also an overwhelming outpouring of support expressed towards the Aussie captain and his family at such a difficult time.

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