Team USA roasted over embarrassing detail in swimming outfits

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Team USA swimmers, pictured here in action at the Olympics.
Team USA swimmers have been wearing some eye-catching outfits. Image: Getty

The American swimming team have been roasted online over an embarrassing detail in their outfits.

Team USA have been wearing eye-catching swimsuits in the pool in Tokyo with a design featuring the American stars and stripes.

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But another detail in the suits has caught the attention of social media sleuths for all the wrong reasons.

TikTok user '@middleskoolteach' took aim at designers TYR and pointed out that the so called 'privacy panel' on the front of the swimsuits is much darker than the rest of the outfit.

She noted that the bottom half of the swimsuits made the female athletes look like they'd "wet themselves".

“What is that TYR?,” she said.

“You have done these amazing athletes so dirty.”

The woman said it looked like “on their person, they have wet themselves”.

“TYR I am offended. Like seriously, why?" she continued.

"What is the functional design of this? There is none.”

She captioned the video by writing: “I will not rest until these women get the justice they deserve”.

Fans confused over detail in USA swimming outfits

Other Tik Tok users agreed, with one commenting: "I was so distracted by the weird pattern that I missed most of what was going on."

Another said: “I like the design but the placement is all kinds of wrong.

“That is just horrible design work. It should have never made it past the concept phase."

Regan Smith, pictured here in the women's 100m backstroke semi-finals.
Regan Smith of Team USA competes in the women's 100m backstroke semi-finals. (Photo by Fred Lee/Getty Images)

However some noted that the darker area is designed for modesty reasons and that most swimsuit designs have the feature.

“If that’s the best privacy panel they could come up with, they should stop designing. Do better TYR,” one user wrote.

Another said: “Could they not have made the whole thing that colour?"

While a third noted: “There must have been other designs that wouldn’t have made the privacy panel so obvious."

“I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking it looked bizarre."

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