NRL star Liam Foran tells of kidnap ordeal

NRL star Liam Foran tells of kidnap ordeal

An NRL star has opened up on his travelling ordeal where he was kidnapped and robbed of $6000.

Liam Foran, who plays for Manly, was on a family holiday in China when he was captured by eight men who demanded money from the star.

Foran was on a holiday with the family to explore the Great Wall of China, News Limited reports.

The 24-year-old was walking back to his accommodation alone after a family dinner when he was taken to an empty warehouse and his captors demanded money.

His assailants had a plastic bag with EFTPOS machines and, although Foran was carrying little cash, demanded funds from the star.

"When they first asked for money, I wasn't carrying very much," Foran told The Daily Telegraph.

"I wasn't too keen to hand over anything, either. I was saying, 'No, you're not getting my money because I don't have any'.

"But they weren't really taking no for an answer.

"When I realised that they were getting serious with what they wanted, I was out-numbered, so I didn't want to push any wrong buttons.

"Once they had my wallet, they swiped my card once and as soon as it got approved they just threw me out the door and said 'go'. It's the first time something like that's happened to me and it does shake you up a bit.

"I can't see myself probably going back (to China)."

The ordeal, which was not reported to Chinese police as Foran was leaving the country the next day, lasted about an hour.

Now Foran hopes he can get his money back from travel insurance and forget the entire incident.

"As soon as I got home I shut down my account and from what I've been told I should be able to get all my money back," Foran said.

"We had a family dinner and then everyone was heading out but I decided I was going to head home.

"So I took off on my own. Looking back, I probably shouldn't have left them but at the same time you don't expect those kinds of things to happen. We climbed the Great Wall of China with [brother and fellow Manly star] Kieran and my sister and dad. That kind of stuff you won't forget but after what happened it has left a bad taste in my mouth."