Reece Walsh and Payne Haas video emerges amid sad family admission from Adam Reynolds

The NRL Integrity Unit is looking into a second video that has come to light of Brisbane Broncos players.

Adam Reynolds and his wife, pictured here alongside Reece Walsh and Patrick Carrigan.
Adam Reynolds (L) has revealed how he broke the news of his altercation with Patrick Carrigan to his family, with new footage emerging of teammates Reece Walsh and Payne Haas. Image: Getty/9News

New CCTV footage has come to light of Reece Walsh and Payne Haas wrestling on a night out amid the furore surrounding Adam Reynolds and Patrick Carrigan. Reynolds and Carrigan both apologised on Tuesday after vision emerged of them in a scuffle in Brisbane after a fan day at the Broncos' home ground at Red Hill.

Channel 9 published new footage on Tuesday night, showing a number of other Broncos players - including Haas and Walsh - involved in play fights throughout the night. A number of players could be seen tackling and jumping on top of each other before the melee between Reynolds and Carrigan later in the night.

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Walsh can be seen making a beeline to tackle Carrigan, while Haas engaged in some bonding in what appears to be a multi-player pile-on. According to reports, Walsh and Haas won't be punished by the Broncos, however the NRL Integrity Unit is assessing the new footage as well as Reynolds' scrap with Carrigan.

Speaking to 9News on Tuesday, Reynolds opened up about having to break the news to his four kids that the footage was going to be shown on social media and TV. "I've got four kids at home that unfortunately get to see dad in a bit of a scuffle , it's embarrassing," he said. "I sat them down, explained the situation , explained that it's going to be on the news."

Reynolds added on Triple M radio on Wednesday: “Your kids get impacted by that at schools. They’ve got some great support around them as well, but it’s obviously disappointing having to put them through it. Now it’s about moving forward, trying to regain that trust and you know, set an example for others that, that’s not acceptable.”

Ben Dobbin of 9News Queensland has since reported that the Broncos had booked a nightclub in Las Vegas for the players to attend after their game against the Roosters in the opening round in America, but have since cancelled those plans. The club is now reportedly exploring the option of getting a charter flight straight back to Australia after the game to depart Las Vegas as soon as possible.

The Broncos are clearly wary of trusting the players to behave in 'Sin City' considering what transpired this week. But according to Reynolds, there's no reason why the players can't be trusted in Vegas.

"I don't see why not," he said. "It was just a slip-up from myself and Patty. We regret out decisions there. We've got great staff around us - Kevvie (Walters) and the coaching staff. They've put measures in place and we'll learn a lot from this."

Patrick Carrigan and Adam Reynolds, pictured here at a Broncos training session.
Patrick Carrigan and Adam Reynolds.

Adam Reynolds and Patrick Carrigan apologise for altercation

According to reports, Reynolds was trying to get Carrigan to leave the venue and get a taxi when the altercation broke out. "I take full responsibility for what happened, it's obviously not good enough," Reynolds said earlier on Tuesday as he fronted the media.

"I'm pretty disappointed in it. As a club, we've come a long way with our culture. We're embarrassed ... we're a really tight group. We understand it's not a good look. We were there as mates. It started out as a playful fight, a little bit of wrestle. It got a little bit heated, but there's no one injured."

Carrigan added: "I take full responsibility for my actions. It's obviously not ideal behaviour that I am proud of. I stand side by side with Adam.

"Adam had my best interests at heart. It was probably time for me to go home. We were mucking around and joking in a public place when we shouldn't have been. I'm lucky that, as a leader, he's there to support me, and I wouldn't want to have any other captain or teammate or friend in that regard."

Coach Walters also dismissed suggestions there is a problem with alcohol at the Broncos, and said Reynolds and Carrigan won't be suspended by the club. The NRL integrity unit is likely to dish out a monetary fine to the players, rather than banning them.

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