Reece Walsh's eye-opening admission about code switch amid $4m development at Broncos

The Broncos star is expected to sign a contract extension and become the club’s latest $1 million player.

Pictured Reece Walsh
Reece Walsh says an NFL switch in the future is an exciting proposition but in the short term he is focused on winning a premiership with the Brisbane Broncos. Image: Getty

Reece Walsh is on the brink of becoming the NRL's latest million-dollar man but he has flirted with the idea of potentially making a switch to the NFL in the future, following in the footsteps of Jarryd Hayne and Valentine Holmes. The 21-year-old revealed on Sunday that he is expecting to sign a $4 million-plus extension with the Broncos that will see him remain at the club until the end of 2028 or 2029.

In Las Vegas for the NRL's historic attempt to break into the US market, the Broncos have been taking in all that America has to offer. The side visited the Los Angeles Rams' training facility on Sunday and had a VIP experience watching LeBron James' LA Lakers on Saturday.

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Speaking ahead of Brisbane's season opener and with gridiron gloves on his hands, Walsh revealed while he won't be jumping ship anytime soon, he may be tempted by a move to the NFL in the future. "I'm not too sure. I’m so early in my career," Walsh said. "Those boys (Jarryd Hayne and Val Holmes) did a lot in their careers and then made the change. I have so much more I want to do in the game but maybe in a few years I would ... we’ll see what happens."

At Brisbane's first official training session at the Rams facility, Walsh immersed himself in some American football training drills. "It’s crazy. It’s cool to experience this stuff," Walsh said.

THOUSAND OAKS, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 24: Reece Walsh and Ezra Mam share a moment during a press conference after a Brisbane Broncos NRL training session at California Lutheran University on February 24, 2024 in Thousand Oaks, California. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
Reece Walsh (left) is expected to join Ezra Mam (right), Payne Haas and Pat Carrigan in signing new long-term deals at the Broncos as they hunt for a premiership ring. (Michael Owens via Getty Images)

"As a kid, you watch all the (American) sports and wonder how it is. To come over here and wear these (American Football) gloves, trying to catch their ball, it’s cool. it’s an awesome experience and I’m very grateful for it. It was awesome. We watch the sport (NFL) and you wonder how they make those catches and do the amazing things they do.

"We were driving into the Lakers game (on Friday night) and there’s just so many people. You hear about the population of the United States and when you get over here, there’s people everywhere. They have a good culture and they love their sport, so I’m loving it."

Reece Walsh determined to win a premiership with Broncos

Walsh insists a move to America is something he would only consider in a few years, as he has unfinished business at the Broncos. The young fullback is expected to join Ezra Mam, Payne Haas and Pat Carrigan in signing new long-term deals at the club as they hunt for a premiership ring.

"I thought ‘Kev’ (coach Kevin Walters) lost my number, I’m still waiting for a call from him,” joked Walsh about a new contract. "I’m sure all of that will get sorted out. I just have to play good footy and let my footy do the talking.

"I would love to secure a long-term (deal). I’m really grateful to have support at the Broncos. I have good media staff around me in Steele (Tallon) and Mel (Mallet), they take a lot of the load off me and ‘Kevvie’ has played a big part in looking after me as well."

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