'Greatest sh*t': Melbourne star's grand final celebrations go global

Brandon Smith (pictured) celebrating the NRL premiership (pictured left) and showing off his ring (pictured right).

Melbourne Storm funny man Brandon Smith delighted fans with a hilarious post-match burn of his coach following the NRL grand final and now his celebrations have caught the attention of an NBA star.

Smith caught the attention of Aussie fans with his post-match joke about coach Craig Bellamy.

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Not only did the Melbourne star joke about his performance, he took a dig at his coach.

“To the captain, I hope he can play on,” Smith said.

“I know it’s a tough situation for me but I wouldn’t mind him carrying me to another couple of rings, I don’t think we should forced him out of the game.

“To Craig, he does nothing pretty much all year. Smithy does all the coaching, (Bellamy) is getting paid lots of money to do p**s all.”

Following the interview, Smith’s teammates took another video of the man affectionally known as ‘Cheese’.

And he impersonated a clip from LA Lakers title winner Dion Waiters, known as ‘Philly Cheese’.

Waiters, after winning this year’s NBA Championship, said: “You know what, they tried to sabotage Cheese. I’m not Philly Cheese. I’m not Bubble Cheese. Call me double C. I’m Champ Cheese.”

Smith with the NRL trophy in his lap, holding a beer and showing off his premiership ring had a crack at the saying.

“They tried to sabotage Cheese. I ain’t no Philly Cheese. I ain’t no Bubble Cheese. Call me double C. I’m Champ Cheese,” Smith said in an American accent.

Waiters picked up on the clip on Instagram and wrote: “This is the greatest s**t.”

Los Angeles Lakers Dion Waiters works out before a NBA game.
Los Angeles Lakers Dion Waiters works out before a NBA game. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Smith’s hilarious interview after grand final

Following the grand final, Smith delivered a great interview with Blues coach Brad Fittler.

“It was pretty good, I mean I played pretty s**t tonight but I got the ring,” Smith joked.

“It’s for sale, I need to pay for all the beers I’m about to drink.

“I can’t wait to take this home to my mum and dad, they sacrificed to put me in this position I’m in so this is definitely for them.

“I can’t wait to get on the piss with all the boys.

“I’ll take anyone as long as they’ll drink a lot.

“We’ll get Christian Welch too drunk to play Origin... (Cameron Munster) will probably do something stupid.”

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