Dally M winner's fast food revelation cracks up Karl Stefanovic

Andrew Reid
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2020 Dally M Medal winner Jack Wighton is seen here posing with his award.
Jack Wighton was rewarded for a superb season with Canberra with the 2020 Dally M Medal. Pic: Getty

How do you celebrate being named the NRL's best player in 2020? With a McDonalds feast of course.

Raiders star Jack Wighton won the Dally M Medal in a controversial awards ceremony on Monday night, after an embarrassing leak ruined the result for many fans.

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The 27-year-old finished on 26 points ahead of Parramatta fullback Clint Gutherson (25) and Penrith favourite Nathan Cleary on 24 points.

Wighton appeared on Channel Nine's Today Show on Tuesday morning to discuss the award with co-host Karl Stefanovic.

The TV presenter started off by asking how the Raiders superstar was feeling after the incredible win.

"It feels great mate. I had to go home and pinch myself last night to try and let it sink in,” Wighton said.

"I slept unreal actually. I just went home with a mate, got a feed and I crashed out."

After pressing Wighton on where he went to get food, Stefanovic was left in stitches when the NRL star revealed it was a popular fast-food chain.

"We went to Maccas. Nothing was open," Wighton explained as the TV presenter could be heard chuckling in the background.

When pressed further on what he ordered Wighton confessed to getting a "double quarter-pounder" as well as "a couple of McChickens."

A meal of champions it would seem.

Unfazed by the fact the interview had gone completely off topic, Stefanovic then chimed in with his own Maccas preferences.

"Oh yeah. I mean the McChicken are the best,” he said.

"Did you get any chicken nuggets? Because they’re the best with the Big Mac sauce."

Seen here, Today Show co-host Karl Stefanovic interviews Dally M winner Jack Wighton.
Wighton's post-awards fast food revelation left Karl Stefanovic in stitches. Pic: Channel Nine

Players unaware of leaked result

Wighton said despite his name being leaked online as the Dally M Medal winner hours before it was officially announced, none of the contenders actually knew on the night.

A story appeared on The Daily Telegraph website as the awards ceremony was starting, forcing Fox Sports production staff to confiscate contenders' phones to guard the secret.

It spoiled what was a shock result, with Wighton claiming the medal ahead of Penrith favourite Nathan Cleary and Parramatta star Clint Gutherson.

League boss Peter V’landys confirmed on Monday night that the leak is being investigated.

"Halfway through they took our phones so we weren't sure why," Wighton said.

"We had no idea."

Wighton appeared genuinely shocked despite his stellar season for the Raiders in which he took on the bulk of the attack with star hooker Josh Hodgson sidelined with injury.

He was rested for the final round of the season, but neither Cleary or Gutherson polled votes either.

"Even towards the end I was writing myself off, missing that last game. It was a massive shock to receive," Wighton said.

"I was going to give Ricky a phone call for that. I can't believe it happened to be fair."

It was the first ever virtual event, with players and presenters filming in separate studios but appearing as though they were in the same room via special broadcast effects.

Under normal circumstances there would be hundreds of guests, players and coaches at a lavish event somewhere in Sydney, but instead just Wighton, Cleary, Gutherson, James Tedesco and Luke Keary watched from a couch in a studio.

"Last year was my first (event) and it was a lot different. A bit weird at first but it turned out alright," Wighton said.

"I don't really know what to say. I've never been in this situation, I'm blown away."

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